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Problema al descargar vbios//Problem downloading vbios

Hola tengo un problema al intentar descargar el vbios, se manda el comando pero no descarga, alguna idea de como solucionar esto?//
Hello I have a problem when trying to download the vbios, the command is sent but it does not download, any idea how to solve this?

what happens after sending the command ? do you have error or you are waiting for a dialog windows saying please save the file ? you have to click on the file name that appear as a command.

First of all thanks for answering, I already solved the problem, so I leave it written x if someone else has it again, what happened to me is that the message remained but it took a long time and it did not download, and I tried to change the option to default configuration ---- mirror select … because I don’t know why it was not in default … and changing it and restarting the rig solved the problem

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poderia me orientar por gentileza, tenho o mesmo problema ao baixar a Vbios . failed

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