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Problem with zotac 3080 trinity

Hi guys! first of all sorry for my english. I have several problems with my rig, I get random errors:
-gpu driver error
-autofan: unable to set fan speed
-sometimes the rig goes offline without any warning
-other times it restarts after an error, but this is not always the case

Things I have tried:
-Change the riser
-Put the graphic card directly in the motherboard
-Lower the OC
-I haven’t flashed the GPU bios

I attached photos of my setup.

Could you guide me on what I’m doing wrong? It’s really frustrating, I can’t mine more than 3 or 4 days without failure.
Thank you everybody.

Lower the memory clock each crash and reboot. You can try swapping risers if that doesn’t eventually solve the stability issue.

Set fan to 100 as well

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