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Problem with the Scheduler - Not switching wallets

So basically, just until like 13 hours ago, my schedules were working fine. I got clients with their rigs that I service and I’ve set a schedule on them that on every 4 hours it mines for me (Of course this was agreed with the client) and since 13 hours ago, the schedule is not switching wallets to mine. Anyone ran into this issue? They were working just fine until 13 hours ago, that’s when I’ve last seen them on HiveOn pool, but they should be seen atleast 2 more times since It switches every 4 hours. Thanks

I have the same type of issue. The schedules are not working for me too.
I use them to change the overclock settings of my card based on time of day.

Yesterday afternoon, they stopped working.

My schedule stop working too since some hours, have you contacted the support ?

Yeah, I did. Like 4hrs ago, they asked for a link to my farm and thats it, no response. Useless as usual, I get that you have an issue and you dont know whats happening with your system, but atleast give me some answers

It’s working back till some hours