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Problem with sixth card rx570 8g

Hello ,
When I connect five cards rx 570 8gb a hashrate is 150 Mh/s but if connect 6 card a hasherate comes to 22 each card nextly one of them disconnected any idead why"?

do you have enough power on your psu? if not, try to lower vdd… what is the consumption on these gpu’s?

I thought it was so I added more power now i got 1600W each card takes 120 W

120 W is way too much for 570´s. you shod have 70-90w some "bad ones can take up to ±105w but 120w…somthing is not correct there. Do you have aggressive undervoting for each state enabled?

I dont have undervolting I scared about this function

thats normal to enable… Just put it on

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