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Problem with RX6900 cards

lol miner
There is always such a problem with the cards of the first two. What to do?

What kernel and driver are you on?

Try flashing the latest stable image. You can run hive-replace -s -y from the rig itself to do so

Can I have more details? I don’t really understand that, I’m a beginner😢

Run that command in the shell, and it will flash the latest stable hiveon os image so you don’t need to pull the drive and put it in a pc, download the image, flash, copy your config file and then plug back into the rig.

What to do?

I found the problem. On the version lol miner 1.65, everything works well. And all newer versions cause such a problem. How to solve it?

Did you flash the latest stable image?

Made a new SSD with a new image