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Problem with RX Vega 56 and other Cards

Hello, I have a problem with my AMD graphics cards. My RIG currently has 1x 5700 XT | 3x 5600 XT | 4x 570 8GB | 2x 580. That works without problems. Now I have bought a new ASUS Radeo RX Vega 56 ROG Strix OC 8GB, if I connect it to a riser, the card is not recognized by HiveOS. If I take a second hard drive and load the Vega version of HiveOS on it, the card is displayed but no memory, the miner starter not, the message comes up, no GPU found. If I remove all other graphics cards from my RIG and insert this card directly into the 16x PCI slot without a riser. Starts the map. I also tried the beta version of HiveOS before, but the card is only displayed and no function. Is that due to the riser version? Or does the graphics card need the 16 slot? I’ve seen a few pictures where the Vega works in mixed rigs. Do you have some helpful information for me?

The vega cards have always been a pain in A with riser configuration rigs, mostly due to driver issues.
my personal experience with them was to first make sure you start hiveos without miner running, then clear all OC settings for the card if it has any, then reboot and start miner see if it does any difference. hope you solve the issue.

thanks, but didnt help… used a 16x extender cable… first run, all good… after gpu dead and reboot no vega card and the oc settings are busted… i found some guy to sell it made 180€ profit… found now 3x 5700 xt, 1x 5600 xt and 2x 570 for UVP sellprice :smiley:

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