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Problem with GPUs


Rig was working fine and all 7 gpus showing correctly and mining.
Had a little problem with my psu’s and half my cards went offline.
After rig restart and reinstall, i added 1 more psu and got 4 cards online, 1 which was previously offline.
The problem is now that i have 3 cards that wont mine and show up on rig info as NVIDIA Corporation GP104 (rev a1), tested these cards at windows comp, and they are working correctly.

Changed risers and powered them from differedt psus, but they still wont work on Hiveos.

Anyone got any idea whats wrong
Edit. Changed also risers slots and no effect, so it seems pcie slots are working correctly

Cleared CMOS and applied pcie gen2 and 4g encode settings.
Working fine now


I have the same problem but after update my drivers.

Can you explain to me how to clear CMOS and applie gen2 and 4g encoded settings?



@rungo - yes, have a H310-F Pro mobo, had the same issue as you and cleared the CMOS and changed from Gen1 to Gen2 in the BIOS settings and it saw all 6 of my 1660ti’s!