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Problem with 8x6600xt all in 1 rig with B75 motherboard and xeon e3-1200 cpu

Hi, i’m new to mining and not entirely proficient with hardwares. See if anyone can help.

I recently bought a new cheap xeon e3-1200 cpu b75 motherboard 8card case and tried booting up. and this appears:

i’m using nbminer for eth, the miner just keeps on saying error - couldn’t find gpu (forgot the exact wording)
Any clue?

the 6600XTs are Vastamor and worked on my other rigs.

or do i need to fiddle around with the amd drivers? i tried re-flashing the latest hiveos but it still doesn’t work.

Use team red miner …

dont use old fucked up mainboards :wink:
i also did and it only made problems, crash, no start, rejected shares etc.

  • now on b250 (new one) everything works fine.

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