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Problem with 2 factor autentication, stopped working, I am told code is not valid

I am having a problem with my 2 factor autentication. There seem to be a time difference between the system code and the one I get on Android. Several times I am told the code is not correct but the same code that does not work now may work 5 seconds from now.

This has never been a problem until now when I have been prevented from using my account for the next one hour. I can speculate the code on the app does not change at the same time as in the server.
Is there a way to “reallign” the two?

Actually now I cannot log in at all, it keeps telling me my security code is wrong, is it possible my account has been hijeckted?

Actually I created also the code in another phone, using the barcode, The code provided by the second phone is different from the one created on the first, however neither one works, the 2FA system on hiveOS is not working currently, I can still see my rig from one session which has an active token but I cannot disable the 2FA as, yet again, I am requested to put in a code and I am not generating any valid code.

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