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Problem using other miners (except phoenixminer) for RX-580

Hi, My Rig graphics card is Rx-580 with 8GB RAM. I want to use another miner instead of phoenixminer but no miner will recognize my graphics card. What should I do to solve this problem? My interest is to use NBminer.

It appears HiveOS recognizes the GPU. Good thing.

If miners do not “recognize” the GPU, it is likely configuration related in in the miner configurations. Some ignore fields that may have “errors”, some do not.

TeamRedMiner needs nothing in its configuration for a single RX5 series.
Image 12-26-21 at 11.20 AM

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Yes, I did the same, but unfortunately it does not detect and the rig restarts.

Post pictures of:

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No, it is, kernel and operating system are not up to date.
This is the situation with phoenixminer now.

If you are making changes anyway, I’d upgrade to the latest stable kernel which will also update drivers as well. For our older GPUs, not as much in is there, but it will put your rig on latest baseline.

Use one of the Hive shells or console:
hive-replace -y --stable

After reboot, you may have go back into shell and run:

All my rigs are running latest stable now, including large RX4/5 series rigs.

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Thanks, so I’m going to upgrade the kernel and operating system version. How long does it take? And another question, is my card configuration good?

You can monitor progress via the Hive Shell console until it reboots.

Essentially, it will download, execute some set up processes and reboot. Allow 15+ minutes.

Overclocking does not look out of line to me, but you know each GPU gets to make up it’s own mind :slight_smile:

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