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Problem that I believe is with the pool

I joined mining yesterday, so I still have a lot to learn about the hive os system and miner configuration.

Looks like the errors are about your walllet address, are you sure its correct?

now this appears

Can you show your flight sheet?

Phoenixminer is a bit outdated, but you would only want to put %URL% in the pool field. Not all that other stuff

like this? If so, what now?

Yep, save and apply the flight sheet to your worker.

Also, it should already autofill that section when picking the miner in the drop down list, you shoudlnt need to manually change anything unless you’re mining to a pool that isnt in the list already or want to add extra config to the miner

now this appears

Can you send a screenshot of the whole flightsheet? Before clicking edit

Can you try another miner, for etc trex miner or lolminer for nvidia. Teamredminer for amd is what id reccomend

Hi, the fotos

4gb gpus wont mine ETC anymore, youll need to pick another coin with a smaller dag file size

what other cryptocurrency could I try?

You’d have to check whattomine or and see if anything makes sense with that card at your power costs.

If you just want to mine something to mine i know vtc can be mined on really old hardware