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Problem Reboot my rig?

Hi man !

I use HiveOS on my RIGs and I have same problem for all !

Well the first all 24hours , one of my GPU hang , I dont understand why :confused: but its not very important because if the miner restart its ok

but my rig reboot and the hashrate stay to 2mh/s for all the card… I really dont understand why :confused:

HiveOS setup on SSD , all GPUs on PCIe Gen2 , ASUS B250 Expert Mining , RX570 8go sapphire ,no problem , just the restart :open_mouth:

I have the same problem. HiveOS setup on USB , all GPUs on PCIe Gen2 , ASUS B250 Expert Mining , RX470 4go sapphire ,no problem , just the restart.

Yes I dont understand why , some help ?

I have a very similar problem. Have 13 GPU rig using ASUS B250 expert. 6 of those cards are powered by an HP server PSU with a breakout board. Anytime the rig reboots from watchdog service, those 6 cards come back with hashrate of 4MH/s. The only fix is to physically hard boot the system. Any advice?

Yea exactly ! If you want , I think the problem is the motherboard , when you say reboot on hive look the rig he dont shutdown , I think its the motherboard dont restart so the card have boot probleme and the MH/s was very low :confused:

Dev can you fix that ? Thanks…

Here the same… Reboot don’t reset the cards. Need power off in power supply. Asus B250 Mining Expert too, but PCIe Gen1 (default). Gen2 is bad for my cards (Asus DUAL OC RX580 8Gb).

Anyone solution please?

Also, I’m now able to confirm that this problem is isolated to HiveOS. I have another rig also running the B250 motherboard and also running an HP server PSU in addition to traditional ATX PSU, but that rig is running EthOS and it does not suffer this problem on reboot.

I have similar problem, think that is linked to this and isolated to HiveOS or Linux behind.

Same problem is here. 12x RX580 sapphire + ASUS B250. After soft reboot CPU is overloaded (load is about 12, that is incredible for my Celeron :slight_smile: ) in AMD driver when it tries to fetch cards stats. Also, amd-info hangs since card 3 or 4 and it takes about 1 minute per card. Also there is a race condition: when I kill process tree which fetches cards information, miner and hashrate becomes stable. Hard reboot works well.

Either your overclock is too high (or undervolt is too low), or you need PCIE set to gen2.

My OC configuration is ok. I have no incorrect shares and no memory errors. CPU clocks are so low temp is about 57-59 Celsius with fans at 40%.
PCIE is already set to GEN2. Moybe something else in BIOS, but this problem with soft reboot I see only in HiveOS.
If machine have hardware problem why everything works well after hard reboot (shut down+power on)?

i have the same issue and only works after i power off the rig and power it on. the problem started to happen last Sunday if i remember correct, until then my rig was working for over one week straight. one of the 6 cards hangs the rig restarts and gets stuck. Before i got the asus b250 mining expert with the same cards and different mobo’s/cpu’s/ram’s i didnt had this issue. i noticed that the rig some times work for about a day and then stucks but some days i have to power it off 2-3 times a day for almost a week now. i tried all the possible hardware changes but the gpu’s.

Edit : i tried go back to hive-0.5-45 but same deal. on restart the system hangs

i have the same issue. any update?

Same here??? any update reboot not working well


nobody ?

i have the same issue too :confused:
HiveOS setup on USB Flash

  • all GPUs on PCIe Gen2
  • ASUS B250 Expert Mining
  • MSI RX570 4GB x 8pcs

same issue…
MB: ASUS B250 Expert Mining
13 RX 570 4G
Just restart.

try a hard reboot via command: shutdown -r