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Problem On RX 580 8gb Saphire Nitro

hello every body
i have problem on setup my gpu with original bios or modded
i only get 15-18 mhs on hashrate eth
i already do overclock but rig always booted/restart

that my setup with original bios if i increase mem clock or core clock the system will reboot again, please help me,
what can i do to make it normal again?
before i mining on hive os, i use windows tha gpu normal can get 31-32 mhs

Use polaris bios editor mod the bios and start with core clock 1150 voltage 850 memory controller voltage 800. Mem clock 2100 or 2150. Remove dpm states.

i already try that but the system always reboot again

i already reboot this time normal on 23 mhs for 3 minute and still running, but on 4-5 minute reboot again

Whats the error you are getting? Dead gpu? You might need to icrease the voltage a bit with 5 or 10

I get errorr sometimes dead GPU or GPU no temp, it’s randomly
If first start I can get hash rate 1-2 minute after that GPU no responding

Hi I am having same issue have your manage to solve this restart issue after polaris editor bios mod.

i already solve this problem after get right oc

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