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Problem on mining with Radeon VII

I have got a XFX Radeon VII (hynix mem) and I encountered several problem

  1. It failed to boot (eventually solved by resetting the MB BIOS)
  2. After loading the HiveOS, the driver seem not present, i) no temp was displayed ii) ‘amd-info’ does not work iii) amdmemtweak does not apply too. The VBIOS of this card is ‘113-D3600200-106’ which I think is the latest one.

It seems caused by driver, has anyone encountered the same as me? I got another XFX Radeon VII (Samsung mem, VBIOS ‘113-D3600200-106’) working properly on another rig but this rig did not welcome the hynix.

any solution found ? got the sam issue ! because my vii is showing fine,output… but not mining, not error 43 in win nothng.

Same issue does not show memory and will not mine

No output either

I had 8 Radeon VII cards working in multiple rigs. I disassembled and put back together (perhaps with different motherboards in each rig as I forgot to identify which belonged in which rig, although all the same model). Once out back together, this same thing happened to 4 of my cards.

I have changed risers, updated vbios, replaced the hiveos installation to beta and alpha and stable and many others, replaced the motherboards, changed the PSU, removed overclock settings, undervolted the cards, opened the cards to clean and waterblocked and nothing works.

Any ideas?

any answers to this?

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