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Problem: Mining Graph in Hive has gaps. But logs from Miner dont show offline time

I have exactly the same problem, I think the offline gaps are the same! I will write to support, because it started after update 2.03.2021. I started mining on 31.01.2021, no downtime for a few days before this update. After that update, the problem with the online gaps started first, then the problem with the missing GPU.
gaps few hours ago

gaps now

Same here but I think That’s just a bug…

Hey peepz. I solved it:
Was Internet conection issues. I restarted my router after i read i the logs of the router, that it has connection issues. Now all good. Try it and check your internet connection

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I restarted the router several times when these problems started - and nothing. Can you tell me how did you check the router logs? In net-test? In my net-test logs everything is fine. I did nothing and it was fine for almost 48 hours, without any break, but now there was 1 break.

yooo i had one too. tell me the time when urs happened ? and were you located? maybe this is hive based

I am from Poland (UTC + 1). I wrote a report of several problems, including the network on 03/16 for support, but until today I haven’t received an answer. Here are my stops since yesterday, Each time 10 min. How does it look like for you?

i have the answer

change static server. problem will fade instant

thank you

Thank you, man! I will try…

So after all the research i did, it just affects the statistic server. Pool says online 24/7. I could also not resolve this via server change. But as i mentioned: It doesn’t matter.
SOLVED: Its just hives statistic server. I guess companies have big enemies in this game xD

After changing the static server to another one that is closer to me, The issue has disappeared for me!
Thank you “onlylooknotouch”

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