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Problem getting all gpu's to work

Hey, so i have just recently moved over to Hive.
i was using windows 10 for nice hash before.
I have 6 gpu’s atm. they are:
3x rtx 3090
2x rtx 3060 (not ti)
1x rtx 2080ti.

I had a similar problem on windows where all cards would work properly except the 3090’s. The problem is, that if i have 3x 3090’s plugged in, the system will recognise and successfully mine on 2 of those cards.
Or if i only plug 2x 3090’s in, only 1 will be recognised and successfully mine.

To help any answers, I have tried multiple risers, only using certain slots on the motherboard. Ive played round with bios settings. There is also enough power supply there (1800w). Also i have tried a brand new motherboard and this issue still occurs. its like they dont want to work together? Any ideas or troubleshooting ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thanks :slight_smile:

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