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Problem for remote password for claymore (-mpsw)

Hi !

I have a small android app i use for monitoring claymore, and i love it.
Under windows, i used the -mpsw parameter for reboot, disable GPU, etc. from this app.

By using HiveOs i had to disable the -mpsw because with a password, HiveOs can’t retrieve the parameters (hashrate). As show on the picture joined.

Do you know it it’s possible to use the -mpasw parameter AND having the hashrate showed in HiveOs ? Where put it ? Wallet or Rig (tuning) ?

Thanks for you help.

I don’t what additional info you need which not get you HiveOS

For your task need to edit some HiveOS files because by default Hive using localhost for querying Claymore’s API

Yes, i saw that. Hi have a “Srv: no password found in request. Remote IP:” when i put a -mpsw on the config of claymore (and HiveOs don’t retrieve the stats).

When i remove the -mpsw everything is alright (no error, stats, etc.) but … i can’t control claymore remotly with my android’s app.

BTW, do you know in HiveOs interface how to disable 1 GPU ?
I don’t found where…