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Problem after flashing bios at rx 570 samsung memory

Hi guys, I need some help here
I have a rig (11 cards RX570 - 8g)
it was stable for 1 month , then I trayed to bios cards which have Samsung memory after that I noticed a lot of red circle label beside the cards , why ?
and how many the accepted share at the day for 11 cards ?
for 24 hour I have ( A 7837 - R 3 - Red circle label 37 )
** notice **
I reduced the memory for Gpu 2 & 10 to 1950 after flashed the bios because it wouldn’t be stable with 2100

GPU 8 is causing a lot of problems with 33 invalid shares. Increase the voltage a bit (VDD) to something like 970. If that doesn’t help, reduce the core frequency to something like 1100.
Another thing, Change the MDPM to 1 (not 2). That should also help with the errors.
If that doesn’t help, try phoneix miner
Good luck