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Powering riser and

Got an issue that’s baffling me…1st build and I’ve managed to work most issues out myself,but this is driving me nuts and need advice…as follows.

Got 4 x gpus running fine for a while and been fine.
(1 x 3060ti,2 x 2060,1 x 1660s)

Trying to add a another 1660s.
I’ve used all 3 pcie slots on the psu
I’ve tried to use the 6 pin sata slots on psu but won’t even power the riser,the whole rig just cuts off.
Tried using one of the cpu slots that blew a capacitor on the riser.
What’s the best to approach this without buying new psu
PSU is 850 and only using around 380w at the moment.

If anybody can advise on this.Im also looking for power cables on amazon and I’m just finding splitters can not seem to find anything that will fit and clip into back of psu.
I’ve added pic of psu and like I said I’ve used all pcie slots over 4 cards so have 2 x cpu slots free and 3 x sata/peripheral free.


I am using Corsair rm850 and feeding my each 2 risers with one molex cable. And using 8 pins for feeding the cards. Never use CPU slots and cables for feeding something but CPU. My rig is up since more than a month and cables are doing very fine so far. Since your cable quality is high feeding risers with molex is working very well.

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Cheers for the reply Moss.
I’ll go with trying molex to 2 risers in the morning and powering cards of pcie with splitter.
1660s is showing pulling around 79w on the one that’s running so when I add the other 1660s tomorrow I’ll use molex to the risers and pcie to the cards and hopefully should be good…both low watt cards I can’t see an issue…hopefully.

Well if your molex cable is qualitive, it would be fine. Hope it will work :slight_smile:

380W measured by the OS and miner software or at the wall? You might be surprised with a much higher value when measured at the wall. Those of us running AMD cards really have this issue.

The safest answer is adding another power supply and chaining them together to allow the use PCI cables for both GPU’s and for the Risers which can pull 75W by spec.

If you are risking molex cable runs with (2) risers, anticipate having a large enough gauge wiring for 2x75W runs to account for PCI specs.

Good luck.

Yeah molex to 2 x risers for the 1660s will power them but 3060ti just can not pull enough power.Fans kick in then stop start.
I did read that hiveos Watts was not accurate but total rig at the moment is showing 395 in hive so thought even if it’s pulling little more at wall 850 psu would be more than enough.Id get it if I was running rig of 3060 or higher.Looks like I’m ordering a 2 psu…lol.

Learning curve…

Still struggling to get this 3060ti LHR card to run.

I’ve replaced the 850 nzxt psu and put in a 1000w corsair psu and I still can’t get this card to run after I add a 5th card (1660s)…image added to make it easier to explain.but without a the extra 1660s added all good
Otherwise the 3060ti just pulls at most 57w and fans interment come on and off and will not work.ive split everything evenly across 4 x pcie and just used 1 strand ,with splitter for the 3060ti.

Anybody had this and got a suggestion as its ruining my week now…lol

It looks like the remaining challenge is getting the LHR running vs, Motherboard, power, etc.?

The rest of the rig will run stable for a day or so with the 3060 just sucking power correct?

Which version of Hive OS and nVidia drivers are showing in your dashboard?
Are you running LoLMiner?

So I swapped things about as you know.ive got 3060ti running along with 1x 2060 and 2 x 1660s…so now a 2060 not getting enough power
Everything runs perfectly stable on 4 cards…it doesn’t matter which cards…add a 5th card and boom,just won’t run 5th card…low power to that 5th card no matter which

I believe you eliminated the power question with your 1000wt unit, new cables, etc. Especially if the issue does NOT seem to follow cables.

It does not follow PCI slots or addresses, correct?
The 5th card dropping is “random” and which ever 4 show up will mine?

I’ve switched things around and doesn’t not seem to be any kind of pattern I can trace an issue back to…I’m going to try switch the riser now,from gpu that not running to one that is and see if the switch cause the different gpu to fail…riser is only hardware I can think that I could be missing with the switching about

So just tried this removed the 2060 that’s not powering and switched to the riser that 1 of 1660s is on and that 1660s wouldn’t mine…so maybe riser…you would think…but I then removed the 2060 and riser that was working…1660s fine so rules out the rise…back to 4 gpus mining fine…so it pretty much down to everytime I add a 5th card

That is as frustrating as getting my old z87 to (6) GPUs.

I’d look into a cheater 1 to 4 USB adapter with good user ratings. Might be handy to have in the future and you have plenty of power, even if you need to fire up both supplies…

I would try

NZXT powering Mother board and skinniest GPU on 16x slot with monitor for console, disable iGPU if it is one. Set all your BIOS settings and shut down,

Connect 4 GPUs and risers to Corsair. Power them all up. Just make sure to fire up the Corsair first.

Cheers Grea,

Yeah that’s the way I’m going to go .ive searched this so much and seems there is a lot out there having same issue with this board. I can usually work these things out but this has got me and it seems like some make the changes and it works,others can’t seem to…hit and miss.

I like issues,helps the learning curve,but this has drove me mental…:rofl:

Cheers again for the input…appreciated


Tried 1 - 4 splitter…no difference
Only thing I haven’t tried is 2 x psu …but if 1000w corsair can’t run this set up and 5 x lower powered gpus I’m shocked.

Evertime I add a 5th card pciex1_2 seems to be the issue…I’ve tried everything,think Im just gonna bin it and get a different board…its drove me mental enough now…

Edit: Just spent 45 mins on to Asus tech support…they couldn’t help…haha…

Such a bummer.

Let the (4) best GPUs mine while you hunt. With (2) decent supplies, you might find a giveaway old unit to run 1-2 GPUs with your other supply. Another motherboard and CPU will add another 100W to your total usage, but will likely increase your total mining uptime.

Yeah,it’s what I’ve settled for…annoying having gpu/30mhs just sat in a box doing nothing…lol.
But I’m going to build a 12 gpu frame of plans I have…looking at z390 ud as read it doesn’t have the issues but I’ll keep looking through mobos make sure it’s not wasted money…

I think your PSU can safely support only 4 GPU. (3PCIE sockets + 1 cpu sockets) Do not use 6 pins socket on PSU to power your GPU! You can stretch it by split the 6+2 cable to 2x6+2 but I wouldn’t recommend it, since you could overload the cable and risk of fire hazard.

Each PSU have different wiring in the PSU socket. Don’t randomly buy cable and put it in, it can kill your PSU or GPU. It’s safer to use original cables that come with PSU and split it or extend it at the cable end.

Cheers for the input Krazip… appreciated

Managed to sort it now,bit of a newbie error but I’ll keep that quite…lol
I’d already upgraded the psu to a corsair 1000w.

Power wasn’t really issue and yeah I wouldn’t risk any stupid cabling for a sake of a few mhs.

This is my RM850 - not as well labelled out as AJD24 PSU

of the choice of 5 x 8 pin sockets what sockets should I be using for powering CPU and GPU safely? Im thinking either a PCLe or CPU cable be put into any of the 8pin sockets as its the cables that determine how much power is drawn