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Powering on 5th rig disconnects other 4 rigs

I currently have 4 rigs running perfectly, I decided to buy more GPUS and when ever I boot my 5th rig online it disconnects all my other rigs from the internet.

My internet setup is a tp link switch which is being powered by a tp link plug that goes into the mains.

I have tried many things in the router settings, static ips you name it. I’m wondering if I need to run a Ethernet cable directly to the switch to cut out the middle man.

I have also tried multiple cables, and also tried turning 1 of the working rigs off to see if it would change anything but as soon as this 5th gets booted it disconnects everything connected to switch and also won’t connect on the 5th.

Please any tips or advice is highly appreciated, Josh. :heart: