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Powering 8Pin Zotac 3060Ti from 6Pin to 8Pin Adaptor

Guys, i don’t want to fire up my zotacs, can someone shed some light on if i can power an 8Pin GPU with a 6Pin or 6pin to 8Pin connector, ASSUMING i run it as 125W only!

Existing GPUs (Bitcoin Mining PSU)

1x PICI 8Pin 6+2Pin - Shared Risers for 3060Ti (Gibabyte) - (Bitcoin Mining PSU)
2x PCI-E 6 Pin - Connected to 2x 3060 Into 6 Pin (Gibabyte) - (Bitcoin Mining PSU)
2x PCI-E 8Pin (6+2) - Connected to 2x3060ti into 8Pin (Gibabyte) - (Bitcoin Mining PSU)
1xPCI-E 8Pin (6+2) connected to 1xx3060ti (Asus) - (Bitcoin Mining PSU)
1x PCI-E 6Pin connected to GPU riser (Asus) - APW3+ L3+ PSU

Additonal GPUs to be connected (from APW3+):

1xPCI-E 8Pin Connector (Zotac)
1xPCI-E 8Pin Connector (Zotac)

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