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Powercolor RX5600XT AXRX 5600 XT 6GBD6-3DHV2/OC Bios mod

I have the Powercolor RX5600XT Card.
I successful flashed the redpanda bios.

With this bios I was able to get 42-43 MHS. But the memory temp is to high, with this bios (About 90 degrees and 100%fan) and the power consumption also rised up.

Could someone please help me to mod my org bios and tell me the best settings for MHS and power consumption? With the org bios I have 38.5 Mhs and the memory temp is between 85-88.

regards chris.

dont give a f*** about the power consumption that is shown in HiveOS.

I check the power consumption from my powersocket direct from the wall!!
I know, that the power which was shown at Hiveos is the calculated from the card.

But my main question was about the bios, settings and the mem temps!

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