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Powercolor RX 6700 XT Overclock issue

Hi everyone,

I am having issues with my Powercolor RX 6700 XT Hell Hound.

Here is the printscreen.

I have tried all sorts of settings but it just wont work, the core clock temp is reaching 90c and is shutting down my rig. My other 6700 XT’s which is gigabyte and sapphire are not having issues. I do not know what wrong am I doing with the powercolor one. Can somebody help. It would really be appreciated. Thanks!

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I am
Having the same issues or when I install it on a mew farm to test it runs and does fine when I add a second gpu then only one is working either 0 or 1 but not both
Could it be network issues ???

I get 46.63MH on my PowerColor.
53/66 degrees
0 auto fan
CORE 1300
MEM 1075

mine is

I got 1600 core 700/700/1200 and 90 fan. Works out 47.6Mh/s on Phoenix miner

I don’t have the Hell Hound, but here’s my settings for the Red Devil.

PowerColor Red Devil 6700xt:
45.4 mh/s - 64C/78C, 46% fan, 1100 core, 0/0/0, 1050 mem, 120 pl.

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