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Powercolor red devil 6900 xt ultimate not a recognized device in latest HiveOS


Not sure the process here as new to HiveOS, I have a number of powercolor red devil 6900 xt ultimate that I would like to mine on but they are coming up as unrecognized in the latest version of hiveOS.

How do I get these deviceIDs added so I can use HiveOS?

Thanks for your assistance.

I have two rigs with 8x 5700 xt, and they were constantly crashing or missing GPUs on the latest hiveos. I downgraded to 5.4.0 and both rigs are running stable again.

Me too

I have the same problem! Is there another MinOS that can use powercolor red devil 6900 Xt ultimate?

How can I get these devices added to hive, can I edit the deviceIDs for the drivers somehow, would be great to move this rig to hiveOS too.

Just installed the latest and greatest version to check to see if these were supported yet (0.6-206@210722)

Has anyone already solved this problem ???

I downloaded the latest HiveOS Beta and Stable versions yesterday, the Powercolor cards are still showing as unknown so moved back to Windows.

I would assume this wont be addressed till they move from 20.40

fixed in v0.6-210

Can confirm working, thanks hive team!

And thanks for the heads up HaloGenius!

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