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PowerColor Fighter AMD 6600 Non-XT - Hynix vs. Micron RAM

Hello guys, I am posting it here hoping someone has master this before. I have been overclocking 6600 Fighter Hynix Ram version no such issue and was able to get them to a spot that I am happy. But for the Micron RAM version, no matter how hard I tried, they have been the reason of all the crash. Any advises are truly appreciated.

Some detail:

  • HiveOs latest version
  • Mobo: BTC B250
  • AMD Driver 20.40
  • Error message before any crash: “Msg issuing pre-check failed and smu may be not in the right state”
  • Error message applied for all mining software I have tried, such as TeamRedMiner, Gminer, etc.
  • I have changed riser and power cable multiple times and can confirm they are not the issue.
  • The issue should be my overclocking but I can’t seem to find a way out.

leave them at 900 core, and 950 mem, and start over on min/maxing the voltages, with the goal finding the lowest voltage in each field that maintains stability.

Thank you for your reply. Do you happen to know how can I figure out the base value of the voltages? ANd by Voltages do you mean all the below?

Core Voltage (VDD)
Mem Controller Voltages (VDDCI)
Mem Voltage (MVDD)


if you hover over the info bubbles it will show you default voltages for a 5700, which is very similar. start there and go down on each

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Thank you for your quick response. Do you mean I can find the info bubble in HiveOs? If so, can you specify where I can find it ? Thanks

In the overclocking window, each field has an info bubble, hover/click on that

Thank you so much I will try that

Hi bro, is it right that you are dual mining TON as well on this setup? Thanks

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