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Power watchdog does not shut down the rig


I set my rigs power watchdog to shut down if the power is under the limit. I did it because I have a bad network layout and sometimes the powerline adapter lost the connection. In this case the rig goes offline and the power consumption goes down. I wanted to shut down the rig in this case no to eat any power until I restart the network.

It is running on 130W if it is offline.
But it does not shut down even after 15 mins.

Any advice?

You don’t have the watchdog turned on.

isnt the hashrate and power wd separate?

No they’re all under the hashrate watchdog.

how should I set it? I turned the watchdog on pulled the ethernet out. the rig did a restart after about 10 min but no shutdown.

Power watchdog should reboot/shutdown around within 3 minutes or so

I try now like this, and lets see

after ~4 mins it did a restart
after another 3-4 mins restart again
…and again

it keeps restarting in every 3-4 mins

is there a file or script what I could check?


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