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Power usage 3060's

Hi all, can anyone explain the following to me?

I had a rig with one 3060 (LHR offcourse) but it wasn’t realy profitable (114 MH and 278watt at the wall).

The first 3060 ran at 100watt, nice and low, good hashrate and i figured out that the rest of the power 178 watt will be from the rest of the system, CPU, motherboard, memory.

By adding an other 3060 @ 100watt, i thought i will get 228 MH/s and 378 watt @ the wall. So i tried. And the hashrate is indeed 228 so that’s fine, but the power is 500 watt @the wall. I don’t get it. Why is that 230 watt instead of 100 watt?

Can anyone explain?

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