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Power Limits not working

A couple of my GPUs won’t accept power limits specified. I have two PSUs and those two with very low Watts are on the 2nd PSU. I have tried swapping the cards around and the other cards have the same effect so it isn’t specific to the MSI cards in the picture. Interestingly, if I put my power limit to 0 then the card uses its full power capacity, but specifying a power of 145W or 180W it is ignored and uses below 120W.

So from further testing it seems like HiveOS does not change the power settings correctly with the MSI cards, but fine with other cards. It isn’t a PSU issue.

Is this a HiveOS bug?

Just curious here.

Are you saying that if you swap the cards around to the first power supply it works correctly or do the MSI cards still fail to set the power level?

There are some cards on the market that lock the power level in the video bios and I wonder if the MSI cards have that limitation.

I’m a bit confused as to why you need two power supplies for four cards. What are the output power ratings of the PSU’s? Are the PSU’s also linked together on the power good signal so they turn on together via the power switch? I have found that if a secondary power supply is being turned on before the primary that can cause some issues. Some of my rigs need three PSU’s due to the number of cards and without linking them together bad things happen at power up. Just sharing my experience here.
Product link: Power Supply Splitter

I use EVGA 1080 Ti’s and have no issues whatsoever setting power levels. Granted if I screw up the overclocking then I will most likely need to power the rig off to clean out the screw up. A few times I have even needed to “unplug” everything and wait a minute for the capacitors to completely discharge before powering back up.