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Power draw and overheat issue

I have a rig of 11 cards and 3 PSUs. Bios modded and overclocked. It was working fine for more than a year but recently some gpus just stopped booting. I reconnected their 4 pin cables from one psu to another and it started working. I didn’t change my overclock settings or bios. However when i managed to get all gpus running they started consuming 30-50w more for each gpu (was 90-100w and now 130-150w displaying in hive) and are heating a lot more than before (fans usually were on 60%, now are 75-82%). And even if i boot the farm with only one gpu it still overheats and consumes the same amount of power. How can i get the cards working normally like before and consume less power?
Cards are asus dual Rx 580 8 gb
Psus are corsair rm1000x and 2x HX750

Sometimes you may have to revert to a previous version of hiveos? There was an update around that time as well I believe.

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Thank you for response. Will try this

Actually I’ve been having this issue lately with 2 x Asus dual 5700s, biomod, I think I got it under control now,
But I’ve been flipping through bios, hiveos, oc settings, ultimately I wound up on the latest beta, with some emo Asus cards putting out lower than I think they should be at. Tired of typing “firstrun -f” lol.

What exactly did solve the issue?

i got nothing.