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Power consumption

My miner on page hiveos shows the consumption 1200W but on the wall consumption is 2000W. What could be the reason?
Thanks for the answers

In changelog for release where power consumption come to HiveOS:

GPU Power draw reporting, find it on the rigs page. Don't trust it too much, this is just a driver info.

Another words it’s only numbers which too far from real life…
Too many factors affect for real consumption (PSU efficiency, consumption another rig components such as CPU, RAM, motherboard etc and finally not real numbers from driver - NVidia’s GPUs give us more accurate consumption and AMD’s GPUs around 20-40% less from real life)

Driver power consumtion represents only GPU chip power draw (dashbord show exctly this value), not whole video card.

When you check wall consumtion you saw full consumtion for all elements, multiplied on psu efictivity.