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Power Color 5700 XT Red Devil cannot tuning

Please help

I have Power Color 5700 XT Red Devil

I follow mod Mem Timing as below and modify tREF

but everytime i modify OC setting from any that i see from this forum is failed (my HiveOS is hang or unable to restart/shutdown)

i only can play with Core,VDD and MEM setting
the best OC setting that i can set is
Core 1400
VDD 780
MEM 1500
This can get 54MHS

If i set any VDDCI and MVDD following any sample will make HiveOS hang or cannot shutdown

Finally i can tune a bit and get 56mhs

but very difficult because any not correct parameter will causing hiveOS hang :frowning: (example i change MEM from 900 to 945 )

That Samsung memory will most likely not hit 945.

Try these 1400 800 800 1350 900. Then tune the memory speed up a bit. Once stable, tune the voltages down a bit at a time.

For Samsung I found a good happy medium at 56.0 and stable is 1400 775 775 1350 910

Also try stopping the miner, apply new OC settings, then restart miner.

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hi @fasteddiep

tq and looks (hopefully) i got my sweet spot, for almost 12 hour no invalid share

I will monitor this

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