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Postpone Payout?

Hi there!

Is there a way to postpone or time the ETH payout → increase the payout threshold?
What happens if I delete my wallet while mining?


Payouts are fixed with hiveon, and what do you mean delete your wallet?

In my country, the exact time of when I got access to the mined coins, is the one I have to pay taxes for.
For that reason it would make sense to let the payout happen, when the ETH price is low.
(Like now for example :smiley: )

I remeber that I did not get my first payout until my wallet was properly set up. So my first payout was like 0,12 ETH.

The question is whether I can either put the threshold on 10 ETH and set it to 0,1 as soon as I want the payout to happen.

Or I delete the wallet in the HiveOS app and set it up correctly when I want it to payout. Or does it stop mining then 9

Does that make sense?

It makes sense, but currently Hiveon Pool pays the transaction fees and payout at a fixed threshold as accounts reach 0.1ETH by daily cut off time.

Stay tuned, HiveOS and Hiveon Pool are always adding features and functions.

Who knows what it in store for 2022! :slight_smile: