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Possible solution for 100% LHR unlock instability?

Recently I was having stability issues in miners that unlock 100% of the LHR (ALL), i have a 3060.
I was getting the fan 0 bug with hashrate drop, it didn’t matter what OC I used (I checked to test with 1450 OC and 2200 mem).
The miners, on average, worked for about 20min, after that I had to restart, as I had a driver error, with fan 0 and hashrate drop.
After a few hours trying to solve the problem, searching discords, internet and the like, I decided to update the hiveos Kernel.
I was already using kernel 5.10.0 #50, but the OPENCL drivers were outdated (my rig is mixed).
I updated the Kernel to version 5.10.0-#110 (first on the list), then I updated the miners, by hiveos itself, I overclocked my LHR card (3060 - 1550 on the core and 2700 on the memories), since then I am mining at 13h33min without errors, I just changed miner from NBminer 41.0 to 41.3 and then to TREX to test stability, none showed errors.
I don’t know if it’s the solution, but I believe it might be of help to some.
the command to update the hiveos version is “hive-replace --list”, after that just choose the version (I chose the most recent and stable one which is option “1”).
I’m getting 49.40 -+

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yep, always best to update everything to the latest if youre having any issues. glad you got it sorted

Any problem now ?

no errors so far.

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