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Poolin Wallet

I am turning to you before I go crazy please.
Problem: My rig is working with Poolin, but I cannot see any income or how much I make a day.
Its my first rig… My first flight sheet, although not my first wallet… I have an exodus wallet.
I have made an account in poolin after my rig was working… I dont find anywhere to see the coins.
I installed everything again, this time making another account in poolin, and after making the flight sheet.
I just dont find how to see the crypto I am making… Please help. Thank you in advance for all your comments and guide.

After two days searching I finally found it… It is so simple that I cannot hide my frustration. So I write it here for the record and for other people that might have the same problem. Tutorials and guides are not clear on this.

An it may seem sooo obvious that I feel just bad.

Solution>>> In the Wallets TAB, inbetween Farms TAB and Flight Sheets. I the owners wallets… you will see the wallets you created. On the right side below the address you will see a message that reads UNPAID BALANCE, and below, you will see all the pools you have joined that come from the flight sheets.

So there you will see a pop up button that will take you to the page where you can see the crypto you are making.

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