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Poolin Mining Pool


We have recently added Poolin to the list of pools HIVEOS users can mine with, if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to post here.

Thank you and the Poolin team wishes you a happy mining experience! :slight_smile:

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I would like to transfer my equipment to poolin. I can’t select and configure a mining program. I would be grateful for a sample of filling out the flight sheet.
(GPU, Phoenix Miner)

Is there a possibility of mining on poolin using GPU?
I cannot setup rigs on HIVEOS with PhoenixMiner.
I ask for the settings for correct GPU operation on Poolin.
Thank you.

Hi bro can you tell me how to connect to the poolin eth

You will have to make an account on poolin. Once that is done you will need to use a custom config on your flight sheet in order to set up the worker name a password. Message back if you need more help.

Yea i do this but i think its not work because when i go to the pool account i cannot see my income or any hashrate
What i do in worker is just put the worker name and password is that ok ?

Can you send me an picture for the miner config plz

Hey so I thought mine was working but when I went to poolin it never said I had a miner connected. So I’m in the same boat as you. If you figure it out let me know, but for now I’m stuck with Hive Pool. Which I’m not happy about, I could be making a lot more switching to poolin

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can you message me to work for solve this problem togather my nomber is 00905415354515
i hae whattsapp

Anyone figure this out? I’ve tried setting it up as instructed on the poolin app. I’ve also changed my worker name to match what it says to. Set the password. Nothing. Doesn’t even show a miner on my poolin account.

Hi, I have been looking for days now on how to config for Poolin mining. I have asic miners and GPUs also. I can’t figure this out. I want to use the poolin wallet so, I can’t put in wallet in hiveos since wallet in Poolin does not provide address.