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Pool login failed invalid user provided

What am I doing wrong in the flight sheet? No one online (YouTube) go’s over this section in detail.

I can only assume you entered your wallet address during the wallet setup and did not enter your username instead. If you have your wallet address instead of a username switch it to your username and try again.

If this is not the case whats the pool you’re trying to connect to and your FS setup?

In the Flight Sheet using PhoenixMiner I believe this is what I had. It looked like it was starting to mine but then gave me the pool login failed invalid user provided.

POOL: Pool address Here, WALLET: My Wallet go’s here.Worker name here, PSW: x

Extra config arguments:i

-coin %COIN%
(I think I removed the coin argument and left this area blank… I don’t understand this area yet.)

The latest

So in your wallet address put your pool username instead. So it should be username.workername

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