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Pool hashrate

maybe someone could explain…
if i set 3070 (i have 14 pcs) to perform over 63mhs then the hashrate on pool significantly drops.
(i don’t get any rejects or invalid shares, simply the pool hashrate drops) It’s looks like the pool is throttling the performance, i calculated it over the period of 10-12 hours and you can notice the general performance decrease. (the delivered shares/hour ratio decrease)
(for me 62mhs is max on 3070 and 3060ti, and 102,9mhs on 3080)
would appreciate any explanations…

You can’t use shares to calculate, as you are now mining more difficult shares so you will be getting less shares, but shares that are worth more eth

The shares diff is the same, you can see it in nbminer


THX for your hints but…
thats the difficult on prtscr?

?? in my case its not changing but what i mention before the shares ratio drop significantly!

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