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Pool disconnections?

Hello everybody,
I’m facing a strange, and very very very annoying problem.

Completely random, multiple times a day, i got short disconnections from the pool, it causes the miner to temporary “pause” mining then it reconnects again and continue mining.
This is the issue i’ve seen in the miner log, which is hard to get:

Pool rpc method "eth_submitWork" timed out after 65 seconds.  Reconnecting.
Pool connecting to address
Pool successfully connected to address
Pool login succeeded.

I’ve an other miner running under windows, in the same network, but i never got this problem.

The miner is not the point, it happens to my entire rig which is running t-rex + teamredminer, connected by LAN cable.

This problems causes this chart


Anyone have had the same problem?

Have you tried the ssl servers/ports?

Yes, i use SSL.
I’m testing right now without the powerline, which is needed to connect my rig to ethernet. Now it’s direct connected with a long LAN cable to the modem, and it’s fine.
Now it’s 2 days long with no problems :man_facepalming:

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