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Poll: why did you choose to mine with your current mining pool

Hivers, we want to tailor every small cog in the Hiveon machine to your preferences. One of the questions that this brings up is, why did you choose to mine with your current mining pool?
Please choose one or multiple options below to help us understand what we can do differently (and better) for you :ninja:

  • Multicurrency payouts
  • Dual-mining opportunities
  • Higher pool hashrate
  • Better profitability
  • Other (write in comments below)

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I choose other pools, because of hive’s pools limited algorithm/coin support.

i chose other pools becose thay not only offer better payment but all so have no miner fee (ie chargeing a miner a fee exsample charges No fee for mining you just need to look at other pools see thare fee rate and you get a understanding as to why miners go to other pools think about it its bad enugff wer slugd with dev fee but pool fee ontop of that is liraly takeing profit out of miners mouths some miners like my self mine to supament out out of poket exspences ie electrisasty etc im a pensioner i get 1.100 a forrtnight and most of it goes tawords bills and rent over here rent is fothnughtlyy ie $560 per foughtnight i understand hiveon needs to make money to keep operasion runing but maby hiveon could be genarice and change miner fee to mabby 0.5% look at kano pool thay state this kanodotis/index.php?k=payout Transaction fees are included in the miner reward.
Pool fee is 0.5% of the total
ck pool states this No frills, no fuss 2% fee

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