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PNY 3080 TI low hash rates

Hi ,

I have a PNY 3080 TI 12gb revel XLR8 which I have change the thermal pads, but still I can’t make it work over 66MHs. I am using the 460.84 driver.
The specs of the card doesn’t say it is LHR.

Any suggestions to reach the 95MHs…?.

Current configuration and operating information:

  • 60•C temp
  • 35% auto fan
  • Core -200
  • Mem 2400
  • Power limit 230


All GPU ASICs that specification published after March has LHR v2
For 3080 TI for example not exists non LHR version so vendors no need to write anywhere that is LHR version.
The same thing for 3070 Ti

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Ohm!! I didn’t know that!.
Is there anything I can do to remove the LHR?.


Currently LHR v2 unbeatable thing but maybe somehow in future.

for 3080 ti, it’s still profitable to mine ERGO and RVN

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