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PNY 3070 low hashrate on ERGO

Can someone tell my why is the PNY card so bad at mining?
What should i do so that it preformes as the rest?

Run nvtool --throttle and see what it says, troubleshoot riser, cables and psu.

Unknown error

Can you post a screenshot? Are you sure you’re running the command exactly as typed?

funny, i shut down and restarted now it seems ok

It will most likely happen again: Memory hitting high temp and falling to minimum power mode. Either lower oc (try with -2000 and see) or open the card and change the pads.

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gddr6 shouldnt get too hot on a 3070, it runs a lot cooler than 6x. either way the throttle command will show if thats the cause

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thx both of you. will try
also yeah, i need to lower the OC