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Please tell me how to withdraw ET C to my wallet


please tell me how to withdraw ET C to my wallet. ??
I have mined 3.5 etc as shown in the picture but it’s been 4 days and it still doesn’t automatically return to the wallet I registered


Does your exchange/wallet support etc coin ? Does your wallet have a valid etc address ?

yes, binance’s e.t.c wallet address, I just changed from ethermine to hiveon

If your stale share count is above 5% of the total shares found for a 48 hour period your wallet will be blacklisted , need to contact Administrator to correct…this is coz some okes try take advantage of the fact that hive pays you back half of stale shares , but only if you are below 5% stale shares , important number to monitor while mining…same with invalid shares…


I am experiencing the same issue. Can some one please help in how to contact the administrators ?

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The payout blocking system works as follows: if the percentage of stale shares exceeds the threshold value, which is 5% at the moment, the system will automatically put your address on the blacklist. If within 48 hours the percentage of stale shares is reduced below the set threshold, the system will automatically unlock the address. If the unlocking has not occurred, the withdrawal of funds can be done manually. Read below how to do this. From faq on Hiveon homepage…


In this case, you need to publish your dashboard url with a brief comment on what happened. Chat administrators will pass all the necessary information to the pool technical support for verification. If the suspicions are not confirmed, your wallet will be unblocked, and your funds will be withdrawn.


Hiveon homepage under payout details , click on link How payout work…:+1:

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Thank you :raised_hands:t2: