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PLEASE NEED HELP amd 6600 xt micron mem

I have issue on my rig. i use asus 6600 xt micron memory. i use setting 910 640/600/1340 1070 soc 420 vddmax 810 . but its not stable. run for one day and for one gpu always off or crash. please help me guys. if u have good setting suggest for my rig. btw i use nbminer. whats the best miner i can use? is that teamredminer? but when i tryTRM it cant reach 32,50. stuck on 31

Soc settings are way off, if you don’t know where to start just leave it at default.

Same with some of your voltages. I would just start over at default settings and work your way back down for voltages, finding the lowest voltages that maintains stability.

Thanks for ur suggest. May i know whats miner u used?

I use teamredminer for amd cards, lolminer and gminer both do well with them too.

Thats great. May i see ur sett for micron mem bro?

I only have Samsung memory 6600xts personally, but you really want to find the lowest voltages for each individual card instead of using someone else’s for the best results for your cards

Thanks bro

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