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Please Help! NO kawpow has rate

I haven’t received a payment to my raven wallet since April 29. All of my gpus are functioning properly but when I log on Hiveos I have no hash rate for kawpow. Please help so lost

Post a screenshot of your flight sheet

Can you show the flight sheet before clicking edit, so it shows all the addresses and config

Edit, actually I may be able to see what’s causing you the issue. You’re using a 4gb gpu (1050ti) and the ravencoin dag file is 3.9gb, so it’s very possible your gpu doesn’t have enough free space to mine. I would try another coin like etc classic, as it only has a 3.2gb dag file size currently.

I have a 3060 also and I was mining perfectly before

post your miner log and it likely will show what i suspect for the 1050ti.

does the 3060 work on its own?

Does your miner log show that the 1050ti is unable to mine due to the dag file size?

Does the 3060 mine if you remove the 1050ti from the rig?

Where is rhe miner log?