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Please Help me

I’m mining ETH. I’m constantly digging. I changed the USB sticks but the problem is not solved.

I constantly have to reboot

You OC settings might be ustable . Reduce a bit the core clock

Thank you for your answer. I’ve been using it this way for months with no problems

sorry but i dont understand…in your op u said that u have rig crashing all the time and now when someone suggest lower clocks u state that u have been using these setting for month´s without any issues…??

I have one rig with 570´s and imho your clock´s are too high, u can get same mh with less wattage&lower clock´s, but if your rig run´s without issues, thats good :+1:

My card is is rx 570 but asrock with samsung but its quite power hungry.
I am using 1140 831 core voltage memory 2100 and 800 memory controller voltage. Aggressive undervolting is on.

increase core voltage to 950

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