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Please help me, five of my RX580 cards are not working

I am a novice, I do not know what cause my graphics card can not work, I hope you can help me

the fuk is wrong here man, your cards are overheating. first try these OC settings.

1150 core clock, 850 core voltage, REMOVE DPM state( core state) , Memory controller voltage 800, Memory clock 2100, Aggressive undervolting switched ON, amdmemtweak -REF 30.

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I tried to run these graphics cards on Windows, and when I tested them, I found that the graphics cards were broken

all of them? you tested them by hooking them up in windows PC one by one ?

Yes, I tested each card separately on Windows platform, and it didn’t work, with a snowflake screen

have you tried to flash stock bios on them ? i mean maybe its something with the bios or they are gone permanently?

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