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PLEASE HELP. Cant seem to figure out why hive os isn’t booting

Mining rig has been running perfect for 5 months and then randomly turned off last night. I reboot it and only the graphic cards lights + fans would turn on. Hive os doesn’t seem to be booting at all. Any ideas on how I could troubleshoot my issue? Yes I know my cable management is bad lol. image|375x500

Hook it to a monitor and try to run it.

You should be powering these slots there is one on either end

My b250 ming expert has those but you don’t need them. Your risers are powered from the power supply

Yeap! Me too and doesn’t need them. I think the only chance to know what’s going on @vinhwin is to see LOGs file or some message error from monitor!..

Re flash another hive image
U need a monitor to see what it’s doing

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