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Please Help About Payout

Hey gays,what if I stop before reach 0.1eth?

I just have 0.05eth in Hiveon pool mining now,but must stop for some reason.

Did I just mine for nothing?

Per the FAQ

“We pay out balances of inactive wallet addresses after 7 days of inactivity (prior to the payout date). Payouts are processed automatically on the 28th day of every month. The minimum required amount is 0.01 ETH.”


Today is 29 and yesterday I didn’t received the 0.01056 ETH I mined on Hiveon. The last day I mined there was Sep 10th. Should have received yesterday.

There was a notice in August 2021 about the the payout system for “inactive” accounts ceasing after EIP-1559 impacts.

I believe the requirement is to reach the .1 threshold and until then the ETH is the wallet waiting for you.

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