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Please explain how the new command 'sreboot wakealarm' works

In the latest Hive OS 0.5-79 Linux, you now offer a new command ‘sreboot wakealarm’, which “will shutdown and then boot after 30 seconds”.

How exactly does this work?
● Does the “Power On By RTC” in the BIOS power management section need to be ENABLED?

Do any of the Suspend Modes need to be Enabled or Disabled?
● S0 (Working) / S1 (Sleep) / S2 (Sleep 2) / S3 (Standby) / S4 (Hibernate) / S5 (Off)

What about BIOS hibernation settings?
● Are there any hibernation settings that need to be Enabled/Disabled?

How will the system know to power on after 30 seconds of being shut down?

Also - I checked your source code for this latest command, and apparently you include an error message that may be displayed to some users: “wakealarm is not supported by this system”

With that being said - what are the prerequisites of wakealarm?

Thank you.


I’d also like to know what must be done to make this command functional.
I tried it and the system did not start itself again.