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Playouts not happening on HiveOn Pool

Last two days I have been over the threshold for pay out but nothing has gone through, it is a new ETH wallet address but other than that all is the same as before which had no problems for months. My stale shares are 1.19%


Stale average is a nice metric, but not how account locks work. Check your 7/30 day shares stats and look for temporary spikes where a lock may have been triggered.

Resolving such will require action on an administrators part.
Wallet address will need to be provided:

  • email to: [email protected]
  • discord post to Hiveon-pool channel
  • via the chat link on the Hiveon Pool contact page, lower right

fwiw: It looks like transactions out were slow today, I am guessing gas price spike related delay. You can check status yourself by taking a look at the payout address.

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